Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have a question or two, so here are some we’ve heard a few times that might be helpful to you. If it’s not covered here, please use the CONTACT form link above and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

Why should we hire you rather than XYZ Photo Booth company?

Because if you turn us loose at your event our attitude and enthusiasm is ALWAYS infectious!  Trish is probably the most charming, friendly, engaging and enthusiastic women in the world.  (if there was a contest for that, she’d win hands down).  Bill is just a flat out nut.  He’ll have your guests cracking up in no time.  We really enjoy people and it shows in how we carry ourselves at an event.  We’re professionals with a lot of experience.  Plus our Photo Booths are awesome!

Is Valentine Photo Booth one of those “FRANCHISE” Photo Booth operations?

Oh H – E – DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS  NO!!! We are NOT a ” franchise”.  We are locally owned.  Bill Murray and Trish Jones are the co-owners of Valentine Photo Booth.   Valentine Photo Booth is under the corporate umbrella of Counter Clockwise Productions Inc.  A Virginia Corporation.  Bill Murray owns Counter Clockwise Productions, and is a full time professional photographer and is also the owner of OnOn Digitography  (which you may or may not have heard of)  Bill’s wedding photography website is Trish Jones has quite a few years of experience in the Event industry and is Valentine Photo Booth’s Executive Director as well. She’s the MAIN CHICK that most of you will see at YOUR event. She operates Photo Booths when Bill Murray is otherwise booked shooting a wedding or other event in a different capacity.  We’re headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia and we are the ONLY office.

Who makes your Photo Booths?

Bond… Chuck Bond ….. No, really!  That’s his name! hahaha

Do you need to know about photography to operate a Photo Booth?

We think that YOU DO!  Bill is a professional photographer.  Member of PPA, WPPI, chosen by TheKnot as a Best Of Weddings winner for 2011 as a photographer.  Also chosen by WeddingWire as a Bride’s Choice award winner for 2010.  Bill REALLY knows photography, lighting, graphics design, and each and every element that is needed to create INCREDIBLE photos.  Everyone who goes near a Valentine Photo Booth has to pass Bill’s tests.  It’s not an easy test. Your Photo Booth attendant might even BE Bill!  Suffice it to say, we know our stuff.

Do you carry backup equipment?

Of course we do.  We carry backup equipment for all components of Photo Booths.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do.  We can provide proof of liability insurance to any venue that requests it.  Simply have management at the venue request a rider in that venue’s name and we’ll have them added to our policy specifically if that’s what they require.  Otherwise, we’re covered anywhere we operate anyway by our policy.

Do you have a business license?

Silly wabbit!  Of course we do!

How much space do you need for the Photo Booth?

The Photo Booth itself has a 40 inch wide by 70 inch long foot print.  We need to be near an electrical outlet if possible, but we can always run an extension cord if it’s not feasible with your venue layout.   A small table to place your scrap book on is a good idea (if you’re doing that) and an area for the people waiting and watching what’s going on is a great idea.  A 10×12 foot space is perfect but we can be as flexible as gumby.  We’ll make anything work.

Is the Photo Booth going to interfere with the wedding photography?

No.  We take NO PHOTOS with the camera in the Photo Booth other than in the mounted position within the Photo Booth.  Nobody carries a camera of any kind at an event other than to photograph the Photo Booth once it’s setup for our records, and our blog, and things like that.   You can also just hire Bill Murray to do your wedding photography. Click here to see why you should at

Can we have both color and black and white strips?

Each guest that uses the photo booth can choose color or black and white before the first image is taken by the booth.  The whole strip will be color OR black and white.

How long does it take you to setup the Photo Booth?

Two shakes and a wiggle!  (that’s about an hour in human speak)  🙂  We’re often setup long before that, but we like to have enough time to test and tweak before show time.

How many pictures do we get?

There’s no limit!  As many as we can get in and out of the booth in your contracted time!   Each guest or group of guests or YOU enter the booth.  You make your selection.  The booth takes the photos 4-6 seconds apart.  It takes 8 seconds to print.  We cut it down the middle and the guest gets one, and the host of the event gets the other.

Our event is outside and there’s no power available, can you work in an event like that?

YES!  We’re COMPLETELY mobile and we can provide our own power OUTSIDE!  Our van is equipped with a generator / inverter and we can run our equipment off the van.  No, the DJ may NOT connect his/her equipment to our power source. But, we CAN DJ your event for you too!  (we’ve got all the bases covered, in spades).

Can you put our names, picture, or corporate logo on your booth at our event?

Yes!  Personalizing the skin of the booth just for you is an option.  We have to design the skin, have it printed, apply it for your event and remove it afterward.  We charge accordingly for this service.

How many people can fit in one of your Photo Booths?

A WHOLE BUNCH!!!!  It depends on how big those people are!  Average size adults?  6 without a problem!  With the curtains slung forward?  We can get 20 or more in one shot if we have enough space at the back of the Photo Booth.

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