About Our Photobooths

August 29, 2015

  • About our Photobooths

We had our Photo Booths custom built to our specifications so that YOU, the customer, get all the features that we’ve been researching and testing. We weren’t satisfied with the somewhat rudimentary client input mechanisms (foot switches? big old arcade buttons? please!), completely unsuitable lighting (a cheap pop up flash or in some cases just a light bulb? you’ve got to be kidding!) and consumer grade cameras (yes, the kind you have in your pocket or purse? no way!).
That, is not how we roll here at Valentine Photo Booth. We have TWO TYPES of Photobooths which we affectionately refer to as “Booth 1” and “Booth 2”.
“Booth 1” is a traditional “sit or stand” in PhotoBooth with privacy curtains and all that good stuff. It has a fairly large footprint, and isn’t suitable for some venues.
“Booth 2” is the favorite of MOST of our clients. It’s a “Stand Up” PhotoBooth. It can go ANYWHERE. If you have space constraints, THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU. It can fit VERY large groups into the photos.
Here are some of the features of our photo booths:

  • AMAZING ATTENDANTS! What good is ANY Photo Booth if the attendant isn’t AWESOME? Funny, Engaging, Friendly, Helpful, LOVES People, Patient, Cooperative, Knowledgeable, Charming, Imaginative, a REAL Party Motivator, Experienced, Always SMILING, and TIRELESS!
  • BIG! They’re meant for standing which means more people can pile in! Also, really awesome if you have wheelchair bound guests! NOBODY gets left out of the fun if they want to have some of OUR kind of fun! We can also roll the curtains forward and out of the way to get REALLY BIG groups into the photos if you like.
  • BLACK! We decided to dress them formally because you just can’t argue with black. We can also adorn it with your names or corporate logo. Our attendants dress nice too.
  • HIGH END Digital SLR Camera that also shoots VIDEO with a QUALITY fast wide angle lens so when a bunch of people pile in to the booth nobody gets cut out of the pictures.
  • QUALITY LIGHTING! Great big soft box built right in for smooth even flattering light for AWESOME photos!
  • LAB QUALITY PRINTS! Our printers are NOT toys. Fast, smudge free, vidid, sharp, self laminating, dye sublimation prints. They pop out DONE in around 10 seconds..
  • OH YEAH! Touch Screen Controls! Just like your Android or IThings. This is where you start the countdown, choose between a Color or Black and White Photo, then let it rip.
  • CAN GO ANYWHERE! We made it modular so it’s easily transportable, and we can get it into any venue.
  • Free Custom Headers, Footers and Backgrounds for your photo strips or photos!! This is STANDARD with any of our packages!

Basically, our Photo Booths are pretty darn awesome! They will be an instant hit with YOU and with YOUR GUESTS! They ALWAYS ARE!

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