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Most people use their phones these days to take "selfies". Think of a photobooth as a "selfie machine on steroids". Not only are you assured of getting all your friends into the shot with really good lighting, there are "props" to use, someone to egg you on, and it prints them instantly. So, you have a hard copy of that selfie. Then (even better), after the event, you can use the event password that you will already have to download the photostrip you became the star of, as well as all the source photos from that photo strip. How cool is that?

August 29, 2015

  • Hall Of Fame Photobooth Images

This is our “Hall of Fame” section! There are always photos from each event that go above and beyond what many would consider a “normal photo”. We kind of rate them ourselves after an event (it’s really fun, especially when you’re exhausted), and put them into a special folder aptly named “Hall of Fame”. These are the photos that you could turn into a “MEME”, blackmail relatives and friends, create a social media firestorm, and all other kinds of fun stuff. Here’s a small cross section of our “Hall of Fame” below. Enjoy!

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