Photo Booth Background Options

We can create a custom header, footer and background for all events.  These are just SOME of the possibilities with backgrounds only.   We have old style canvas type backgrounds and muslins (digitally reproduced of course), scenic stuff, romantic scenics, and sports related backgrounds in the slide show below.  ANY of these, and ANY scene that you can imagine can be the background image for the photo strips that people are given at your event when they take their turn or turns in our Photo Booth.   The top of the strip will be personalized for YOUR event with the couple’s name and wedding date for example if it’s a wedding.  A company logo for a corporate event.  The footer section of the strip with have a web address on it where people can download their images after the event.  (and the downloads are free of charge of course).   You’ll get a USB Flash drive of all the images from the Photo Booth after the event.  It’s just that simple.

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