Photo Booth at the J&A Racing Booth at Rock and Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Expo

We were hired by Amy and Jerry Frostick of J&A Racing to let people use the photo booth at their display during the Rock and Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Expo at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. It was a very busy day! We designed the photo strip to showcase all of J&A Racing’s flagship races. The Blue Moon Wicked 10K, the Samuel Adams Surf n Santa 10 Miler, the Virginia Is For Lovers 14K , and finally the 40th Anniversary of the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon, and TowneBank 8K.

J&A Racing has a “LIVE, LOVE RUN VB CHALLENGE” for all! Run all 4 of their flagship races (any of the races during the Shamrock Sportsfest count as 1 race) and you win a REALLY NICE COOLER!

The runners and their families at the expo had a great time in our photo booth! Here are the photos from today! We’ll have a bunch more tomorrow after the expo closes at 6pm.

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